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Fax Online

Everything you need to know about e-faxing

Electronic fax, commonly known as e-fax, digital fax or online faxing, is a relatively new form of sending sensitive data through an internet connection without a fax machine. 


Integration Partner Case Studies

GoFax and ReferralNet: Future-proofing healthcare communications

GoFaxwe’re always looking for new, innovative technology that integrates with our own and provides our customers with a wider range of options when faxing. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Global Health’s ReferralNet. 


Faxing Tips

How to fax your ballot online to the U.S. using an online faxing service

Are you looking to fax your ballot for the current U.S. election? There’s no need to hunt down a physical fax machine – this can all be done through our easy-to-use online fax service.


GoFax Updates

Security changes to the GoFax SOAP API

To ensure use of the most secure encryption standards for communications, the SSL 3.0 and the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 features of our GoFax SOAP API and the GoFax Desktop Software will be retired from use later this year. 


GoFax App

GoFax App (beta) for mobile, tablet and desktop

Yes, it’s true, the long-awaited release is almost here. We’re currently testing the new GoFax App in closed Beta! 


New Zealand

Online faxing for New Zealand

GoFax ® New Zealand is here at your service, ready and available to provide you a premium online faxing product matched with the local support and service you deserve. 


Company Insider

Why choose an Australian owned and operated online faxing provider?

After a series of malicious state-based cyber-attacks targeting Australia, cyber security is a topic more important than ever. 


Secure Faxing

GoFax service update: implementing SPF

Here at GoFax, we take security seriously and the security of our customers’ data and communications is of the utmost importance to us. 


Fax Using Email

Is fax using email secure?

Fax using email can be a fast and convenient way to manage your fax communications. But how secure is it?



Communicating with customers during times of crisis

As businesses prepare for a time of uncertainty, ongoing communication and consistent update in keeping your customers, stakeholders, management or employees informed is more critical than ever.