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Are you ready for the busiest time of the year? As we move into Christmas, we’re celebrating by making it as easy as possible for you to move your faxing to Australia’s trusted online fax provider. How?  by offering our new customers free setup and simple fax number porting* when you make the switch to GoFax.  

Why should I move my faxing online? 

There’s a million and one reasons why you should ditch the fax machine and move your fax communications online. Ask yourself: 

  • Are you spending thousands every year on unnecessary paper, toner and fax machine maintenance?

  • Are you experiencing busy signals and failing fax sends?

  • Are you tired of having to stand over the fax machine to send and receive fax documents, one at a time?

  • Do you work in an industry that needs a compliant, reliable fax service and your traditional fax machine just isn’t cutting it?  

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, it’s time to say goodbye to the fax machine and hello to fax technology.  

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Why should I make the switch from my current online fax provider?

Made the decision to move your fax communications online, but unsure why you should make the switch to GoFax? Have you been faced with: 

  • Being redirected to overseas call centres 

  • Unnecessary unreliability when sending & receiving faxes  

  • No data sovereignty or additional security measures to protect your business faxing 

  • No HIPPA compliance or government accreditation  

  • Hidden fees such as additional costs for data encryption, unsuccessful fax sends and international sends

  • Downtime during fax number porting, interrupting critical business communications  

If you’ve experienced any of the above with your current online fax provider, then don’t delay making the switch to GoFax.  


Get ready for seamless faxing from anywhere

Trusted by over 18,000+ organisations across ANZ, GoFax is your #1 Australian owned and operated online fax provider. We offer our customers:  

  • An around-the-cloud Australian-based sales and support team 

  • A 98% success rate for fax sends 

  • A fully encrypted service, with all faxes sent via GoFax encrypted using TLS and fax documents stored in the cloud via AES 256bit encryption 

  • A government accredited and industry compliant service 

  • The option to send and receive SMS, not just fax 

  • Competitive and flexible pricing with no lock-in contracts and no hidden fees 

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our free setup and simple fax number porting offer today and make the switch to Australia’s trusted online fax & SMS provider. Simply create your free GoFax account below to get started.

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