GoFax and PaperCut: Enhancing print security to safeguard sensitive data

GoFax is very excited to announce our official’ partnership and integration with PaperCut’s ‘PaperCut MF’ print management for printers and multifunction print devices (MFDs). PaperCut’s print management software helps millions of users around the world minimise waste while having a secure and easy print experience.

By partnering with PaperCut, we’ll be able to connect directly with PaperCut’s network of connected multifunction devices all around the globe. It also provides GoFax customers with greater security measures around sending fax documents through MFDs via PaperCut’s Scan to Fax function. GoFax’s sending features will be available using PaperCut’s print management software on any multifunction device that has been setup with the PaperCut MF software.

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Why PaperCut?

Printers, especially MFDs, are prevalent across organisations of all sizes and industries as a critical means of copying, scanning, printing and faxing data. As with all legacy communications technologies, using a MFD creates a risk for data breaches when they’re unsecured.

A 2019 Quocirca report Global Print Security Landscape, found that print is one of the top security risks to any organisation, with 66% of organisations ranking print in their top 5 risks. The report also found that 59% of organisations had experienced at least one print-related data breach due to unsecured printing in the past year.

It states that “It is imperative that businesses become more print security conscious, particularly as they look to close the paper to digital gap in their business processes.”
GoFax’s integration with PaperCut will provide peace of mind to our customers who transmit sensitive data or receive fax documents through a MFD on a daily basis.

Added security measures

GoFax customers will have the ability to send faxes through the GoFax platform straight from their multifunction device. In doing so, not only will you receive all the added security benefits GoFax has to offer, PaperCut’s advanced security features will also be in effect, so your data is protected before, during and even after the fax has been sent.

Security measures in place by PaperCut include:

    • End-to-end encryption – supports security from the user’s device to the print server, from the print server to the printer and the printer to the user’s hand.

    • User authentication – requires users to authenticate at any PaperCut MFD with a variety of login options before using the device.

    • Secure print release – requires all print jobs to be approved for release before printing.

    • Watermarking – automatically adds a username, timestamp, digital signature or other metadata to every printed page.

    • Print archiving – provides administrators with a wide range of auditing functions.

How does the GoFax/PaperCut integration work?

By connecting your GoFax account to PaperCut, you’ll be able to quickly and seamlessly send fax documents through any MFD in your organisation that has PaperCut MF software installed.

You can connect your GoFax account using the SMTP connector or via API. Once connected, you can easily send any scanned documents through a MFD using your GoFax account.

See the GoFax Knowledgebase for more information on how to connect your GoFax Account to PaperCut.

Need further assistance? Get in touch with PaperCut support.

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