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Bring total peace of mind to your organisation’s communications with a secure, reliable and industry-compliant corporate solution for fax and SMS.

GoFax Corporate provides organisations with an advanced set of fax and SMS features to help meet the demands for all types of industry and communication requirements. If you’re looking for a highly secure, government-accredited and cost-effective corporate fax and SMS solution, the GoFax Corporate platform has you covered.

Learn about the difference between GoFax and GoFax Corporate and how the GoFax Corporate platform can benefit your organisation.

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GoFax Corporate communications solutions

The GoFax Corporate platform offers cloud-based fax and SMS communications solutions for business.

Corporate fax

Our corporate fax solution is designed to give you complete visibility and control over your organisation’s fax management. With features like live send queues, dynamic cover sheets, advanced reporting tools and more, you’ll save time on manual processes, reduce organisational costs and improve security and compliance across your organisation’s fax communications.

Corporate SMS

Our corporate SMS solution provides your organisation with the ability to integrate SMS into existing organisational workflows to improve customer engagement, drive communication and accelerate business growth. With features like 2-way SMS, SMS broadcast, SMS templates and more, you’ll boost business revenue and improve internal and external communications across your business.

What’s the difference between GoFax and GoFax Corporate?

GoFax Corporate provides organisations with an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform with added benefits and features including white-label flexibility, an administration console and multi-tiered access and permissions.

Designed for organisations with multiple clients, sites or departments, if your business sends fax or SMS messages regularly as part of your communication strategy, GoFax Corporate may be for you.

Complete the GoFax Corporate Health Check to determine if the GoFax Corporate platform is the best option for your organisation’s communication requirements.

Benefits of the GoFax Corporate platform

Powerful administration tools

  • Corporate Administration Console –  with multi-tiered security access, setup and manage separate access permissions for your team and clients.

  • Live Queues & Monitoring –  the GoFax Corporate secure management dashboard provides you and your users real-time access and monitoring of fax and SMS queues.

  • Usage Reporting –  have automated monthly reports for fax and SMS usage sent directly to your email.

  • White-label Flexibility – The GoFax Corporate platform has a completely rebrandable interface, giving your organisation the flexibility to make the GoFax platform your own.

Advanced security measures

  • True Data Sovereignty – the option to ensure fax & SMS data stays within the country of origin

  • Email – SSL, TSL and S/MIME encryption for fax to email/SMS to email

  • API HTTPS encryption for fax or SMS sent through a GoFax API integration with your existing organisation’s software or system

  • Audit Trail – fax & SMS are stored on the cloud via AES 256bit encryption with lifetime storage, providing a comprehensive downloadable history and audit trail

  • Data security –we have managed firewalls approved for Federal Government use

  • User Management – have the ability to restrict user access and functions as required

  • Infrastructure – we limit access to  GoFax  servers and maintaini high security standards across GoFax infrastructure

Industry compliance

GoFax Corporate can help your organisation meet compliance and regulatory requirements for fax and SMS communications, no matter what industry you’re in.

  • HIPAA – we are 100% HIPAA compliant, assisting organisations in the healthcare industry to safely transmit protected health information (PHI)

  • HITECH – we have protocols in place to improve privacy and security around sensitive patient, client and customer data

  • Government accredited – we are Queensland Government GITC accredited (Q-5426) and are a New South Wales HealthShare approved vendor (521168).

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