How can I ensure compliant fax marketing communications?

If you’re planning on broadcasting a fax marketing message, it’s essential to understand legislation for the country you are sending from. In this blog we will cover the steps for ensuring you are compliant

 with fax marketing communications within Australia.

Australian legislation states that fax numbers must be checked against the ‘Do Not Call Register’ (DNCR). This is a free service that allows consumers to securely register their fax numbers for free to reduce unsolicited telemarketing or advertising transmissions. If fax marketing communications are sent to fax numbers that are on the register, penalties can apply for breaking the law.

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Steps for ensuring a government compliant fax marketing campaign in Australia:

  • Identify registered fax numbers, organisations must check the list or ‘wash’ their calling lists against the DNCR – available here: Do Not Call Register Act 2006

  • Once the list has been submitted, it will be checked and returned with all the registered numbers identified. (To protect privacy of any registrants, organisations will only be given the information on the numbers that have been submitted.)

For further reference, below are the legislative arrangements that form the register:

  • Do Not Call Register Act 2006 —establishes the register, and outlines rules for making unsolicited telemarketing calls and sending unsolicited marketing faxes to numbers on the register.

  • Do Not Call Register Regulations 2017 —specifies the types of calls that are not telemarketing calls and the people deemed to be nominees of a relevant account-holder

  • Fax Marketing Industry Standard 2011 — sets out minimum requirements for those sending marketing faxes to Australian numbers, including when and how fax marketers can send certain faxes.

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