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Customer Highlights

The importance of building customer trust

There’s no doubt that customer reviews are vital to the success of any organisation, especially in an online world that shapes everything we do.


Company Insider

“Providing total peace of mind for our customers”

As part of an ongoing GoFax series the “Company Insider”, we will be finding out more about the the team at GoFax and their stories inside and out of the company. This episode we sit down with GoFax founder, 


GoFax Updates

GoFax new features updates for fax & SMS

With the help of feedback we’ve received from our amazing customers, our team have been hard at work researching and creating powerful new updates for the GoFax platform for both Fax and SMS. 


Fax Online

How to start sending faxes online using GoFax

What would a fax machine say if it could talk? Start sending faxes online!

It’s the new era of fax. No need to dust off the fax machine in the far back corner of the office or go searching for the nearest faxing service every time you want to send a fax.


SMS for Business

2 way SMS for business to better engage your customers.

What’s a conversation with a customer without giving them an opportunity to respond? 2 Way SMS allows you to not only send messages out to your customers but also receive responses.


Customer Success Stories

SMS Case Study: Healthcare Client – Radiology

Problem: A major healthcare client specialising in radiology services required an SMS reminder and confirmation service for appointments in order to improve customer attendance and engagement.


GoFax Tips

Are you ready to start sending high resolution fax?

Ever wondered what life would look like if things were 25% clearer? ….Maybe not? Never fear, we have the technology! The high resolution fax option using GoFax allows you to send your faxes at 200 x 200 DPI compared to a standard resolution fax of 150 x 200 DPI