How to start sending faxes online using GoFax

What would a fax machine say if it could talk? Start sending faxes online!

It’s the new era of fax. No need to dust off the fax machine in the far back corner of the office or go searching for the nearest faxing service every time you want to send a fax.

Faxes these days can be sent directly online using a number of methods. You can literally send a fax online from anywhere using either your computer or mobile.

Faxing wasn’t made to be difficult, it was developed to send messages simply and securely. GoFax allows you to do exactly what fax was created to do, plus the rest. By simply, securely and reliably sending and receiving faxes online.

Below are the GoFax top 5 ways on how to send and receive faxes online (without a fax machine!).

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1. Email to fax

Start sending faxes online using your email application e.g. Outlook® or Gmail™.

a) Simply go to “Compose New Message” and attaching the document you wish to fax.

b) To send, enter the fax number you wish to send to followed by in the “To” field.

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2. Fax to email

Yes, you guessed it! Just like sending fax from email, you can receive fax to email. There’s no need for you to get faxes sent to fax machines. GoFax will work with you to setup a virtual fax number, or port or transfer an existing fax number. Never miss a fax again.

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3. Fax API

Using our GoFax API you can integrate existing software and applications that your organisation uses. Start streamlining your communications capabilities and integrate with GoFax for all of your fax and SMS needs today.

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4. Fax software

Download the GoFax desktop software and start sending and receiving fax or SMS. The intuitive interface allows you to easily and conveniently send and receive single or multiple fax and SMS directly to your computer.

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5. Online fax portal

Sign-up to GoFax and login to the secure online faxing portal. Access on any device, any time, anywhere with an internet connection.

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If you’re looking for a truly secure, reliable and easy to use online fax solution, GoFax will have you sending and receiving faxes online instantly.  Get in contact with us today to learn more.

You can take a look at our pricing packages starting at a $14.95 for a Bundle Package!

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