GoFax: the best alternative to Twilio API

Are you a current Twilio customer, looking to make the switch to an alternative API provider?

With the recent news that Twilio is discontinuing its Programmable Fax product, existing Twilio customers may be searching for an alternative API that meets their organisation’s requirements.

GoFax is excited to welcome all Twilio customers to enjoy the benefits of a premium communications API integration and are happy to assist in your transition away from Twilio.

Our industry-leading Australian-based sales and support team are committed to ensuring your move from Twilio is as smooth and painless as possible and are available to assist in any way you need.

Achieve all the benefits from Twilio’s Programmable Fax product, and more, with simple deployment for easy, reliable and robust messaging – all backed by advanced security features that meet strict compliance and regulation requirements across all industries.

Not only does GoFax offer a premium business-grade Fax API, we also have SMS API integrations, allowing your organisation to easily send and receive both fax and SMS straight from your existing systems.

Ensure your software or apps functionality remains consistent with no downtime by seamlessly transitioning to Australia’s #1 cloud fax service provider – the better Twilio alternative.

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GoFax vs Twilio: The benefits

  • Advanced security protocols – end-to-end encryptions including SSL, TSL and S/MIME for email, HTTPS for API and AES 256bit encryption for faxes stored on the cloud.

  • Government accredited – GITC, QAssure and NSW HealthShare Accredited.

  • Meets strict industry compliance – HITECH & HIPAA compliant.

  • True data sovereignty – keep all data within Australia with GoFax’s true data sovereignty option.

  • 99.99% server up-time – ISDN grade provider with maximum up-time.

  • Complete audit trail – maintain audit logs for all sent and received fax and SMS messages to give you complete visibility across your entire organisation’s communications.

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Get started with your transition from Twilio by signing up for a GoFax account, or contact our friendly sales and support team on 1300 928 872.

We pride ourselves on offering best-in-class local Australian customer support and service to ensure your move is made easy. See what our customers are saying about us at GoFax.

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