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SMS for Business, SMS

Two-way SMS: uses and benefits for healthcare organisations

SMS text messaging has become commonplace in the Australian healthcare industry, with many organisations taking advantage of the instant communication method to connect with patients. Although there are many different messaging applications on the market today with millions of users worldwide, the versatility of SMS communications.


SMS for Business, SMS

Top 5 ways to use SMS broadcast in the healthcare industry

Many organisations in the healthcare industry are starting to take advantage of innovative communication technologies like online fax services and SMS solutionsImplementing an SMS solution in your general practice, clinic,


SMS for Business, SMS

Implementing an SMS solution in your general practice

In the 21st century, sending SMS or text messages to communicate with others is now preferred over other communication methods such as physical mail, email and even telephone. Not just intended for personal use, many businesses


SMS for Business, SMS

The power of using SMS broadcast in your business

SMS broadcast, also known as bulk SMS or mass SMS sending, is a popular method of communicating with customers, clients and colleagues all over the world. SMS broadcast allows you to reach large audiences quickly and reliably.


SMS for Business, SMS

How to best engage your customers using SMS during the holiday period

It’s that busy time of year again. With the holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity for your organisation to take advantage of using SMS in your business communications.



Communicating with customers during times of crisis

As businesses prepare for a time of uncertainty, ongoing communication and consistent update in keeping your customers, stakeholders, management or employees informed is more critical than ever.