Looking to make the switch from Telstra FaxStream®?

Are you a current Telstra FaxStream® customer currently looking to make the switch to an alternative online faxing provider?

If so, GoFax® Australia can support all of your current requirements and more by providing best-in-class; security, products and support for online faxing, so you can ensure to make a smooth transition from Telstra FaxStream®.

You can get setup fast and easy by porting your existing number/s to GoFax. During the porting process, GoFax® will provide you with a temporary fax number and your carrier will be able to setup a diversion so there’s no downtime to your fax line during this time. Please note: This is dependent on your existing number configuration with Telstra. Please contact Telstra direct whether or not your fax number can be ported away.

GoFax® can also help you setup a new fax number in any location – Free with our Bundle Packages and Premium and higher Receive plans!

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Ways to Fax:

Fax to Email or Email to Fax: Easily send and receive your faxes directly from email without any additional cost.

Secure online portal: Access from any device with an internet connection.

Security: Send and receive your commercially sensitive faxes, when confidentiality and security. Advanced security features that meet the strict compliance and regulation requirements across industries including; medical, legal, finance, government, manufacturing and more.

nbn™ compatible: Avoid any issues with your fax line and the transition to the nbn. GoFax®’s online faxing services are compatible with nbn so you can ensure that you avoid any disruptions to your service.

We’re Australian owned and operated: We’re focused on providing a premium product and support experience for our customers. You can check out our reviews at any of the major review platforms!

If you’re ready to make the transition from FaxStream® and ready to get setup with GoFax®, sign-up here or  get in contact with our friendly Sales team today.

We pride ourselves not only on a premium product, but our best-in-class local Australian customer support and service. You can read more reviews here.

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