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Is online faxing more secure than email?

Electronic mail, or email (as it is now more commonly known) was invented in 1971 by Raymond Tomlinson. Due to its ease of use and speed of delivery, email has since become one of the most popular forms of business communications, with organisations around the world using email daily to connect with colleagues, stakeholders, customers and clients. 


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Faxing alternative to GoDaddy Fax Thru Email

Searching for a faxing alternative to GoDaddy Fax Thru Email?

As of the end of September 2021, GoDaddy will be retiring their Fax Thru Email product, leaving organisations with the only option to search for a new email to fax provider.  


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A guide to fax numbers in Australia

Many businesses rely on fax as a secure method to transfer confidential documents to and from their clients, customers and each other.


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Everything you need to know about e-faxing

Electronic fax, commonly known as e-fax, digital fax or online faxing, is a relatively new form of sending sensitive data through an internet connection without a fax machine. 


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Looking to make the switch from Telstra FaxStream®?

Are you a current Telstra FaxStream® customer currently looking to make the switch to an alternative online faxing provider?

If so, GoFax® Australia can support all of your current requirements and more by providing best-in-class; security, products and support for online faxing, so you can ensure to make a smooth transition from Telstra FaxStream®.


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How can I ensure compliant fax marketing communications?

If you’re planning on broadcasting a fax marketing message, it’s essential to understand legislation for the country you are sending from. In this blog we will cover the steps for ensuring you are compliant


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Why we’re still faxing in 2019

Why are we still faxing in 2019?

A short guide to understanding online fax.


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What is a white-label cloud faxing solution?

A white-label product is a product that can be rebranded to make it look like your own. There are many advantages compared to developing your own new product from the ground up. GoFax provides a complete


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How important is successful delivery of your message?

You’ve probably had this happen before. Someone’s about to send an important email to you with sensitive information attached. They’re on the phone, double checking your email address with you; they spell it out and you confirm it’s correct (at least you hope; did they say “d for dog” or “c for cog”?), then they hit the “Send” button.