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How to choose the best online fax service in Australia

The traditional fax machine has been a vital communications tool in organisations around the globe since its invention back in the 1800s.


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How to fax your ballot online to the U.S. using an online faxing service

Are you looking to fax your ballot for the current U.S. election? There’s no need to hunt down a physical fax machine – this can all be done through our easy-to-use online fax service.


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Fax marketing to reach your target audience

Ever thought about using fax marketing to reach your target audience?

Believe it or not, fax marketing can greatly benefit the reach of your brand without the high costs. It’s an effective and direct way to promote and raise brand awareness for your product or service with your target audience.


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Is your fax line prepared for the roll-out of the nbn™?

Do fax machines work on nbn™? Some things to consider if you want to keep your fax services running with the roll-out of the national broadband network (nbn™) across Australia.