Secure & compliant online faxing for your industry

GoFax is an online faxing solution equipped to help meet you security and compliance needs

How important is security and compliance for your organisations online faxing for documents being sent and received?

In addition to achieving the highest of encryption, security and privacy standards within Australia, is continually advancing the standards for global security and privacy.

We’re Government Accredited: 

The GoFax® online faxing services are GITC Accredited Q-5426 and QAssure assigned – 11255. QAssure accreditation is an independent assurance provided by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland that the ICT business is commercially sound. GITC accreditation is an agreement by suppliers to use the GITC Framework terms and conditions. 

We offer Data Sovereignty: 

Is document security an important part of your organisation? We can provide access to data sovereignty options based on your online faxing needs. Simply select the data sovereignty option on the faxes that you need sent and we ensure all fax stays within country of origin.  

  • Our databases and infrastructure are located within Australia 

  • Government approved secure co-locations that provide high level security, infrastructure redundancies and vulnerability risk management strategies.  

  • On-shore routing and storage.  

  • Supplier SLA and confidentiality agreements to ensure intellectual property and customer data is secure.  

  • Compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP).  

GoFax® has Powerful Security Features: 

A commitment to providing best in class security features for online faxing: 

  • ‘Auto-Delete’ Received Faxes: Allows you to automatically delete faxes off the GoFax® servers.  

  • Account and User Verification: All GoFax® accounts must be verified for security purposes in order to use services.  

  • Sub-Users: Allows you to manage sub-user functionality to restrict access and functions.  

  • Account Audit Log: Comprehensive downloadable history of sent and/ or received faxes. Fax pages are kept up to 90 days.  

If you’re interested in what privacy standards and regulations for online faxing are needed for your business, get in contact with our Australian-based sales and support team today.