Why we’re still faxing in 2019

Why are we still faxing in 2019?

A short guide to understanding online fax.

1. It’s trusted & secure

Fax securely transmits documents using the telephone network and requires a peer-to-peer connectivity prior to transmission of data. Without a secure and direct connection, the document won’t transmit.

2. You don’t need a physical fax machine

Digital fax servers and cloud-based fax services remove the need for physical fax machines, allowing you to fax online across any device with an internet connection – even e-mail!

3. Industry compliance

Fax  documents are legally binding documents. As a trusted method of secure information exchange, fax is used primarily by industries including; healthcare, government, finance & manufacturing.

4. Cost-effective

No hardware, no line rental costs, no paper, no toner. It’s cheaper than ever to send and receive faxes online.

5. Fax technology is evolving

It’s deeply rooted within organisations around the world. With digital transformation, fax has also evolved to integrate into digital workflows and existing software. With API tools available to developers making integrations easier than ever.