Fax marketing to reach your target audience

Ever thought about using fax marketing to reach your target audience?

Believe it or not, fax marketing can greatly benefit the reach of your brand without the high costs. It’s an effective and direct way to promote and raise brand awareness for your product or service with your target audience. Think of it this way, fax machines are usually associated with a physical business or organisation location. Either that or they’re being redirected to an online fax number via email.

From a B2B perspective, this is gold! You’re able to reach the businesses at the source, and target an audience most relevant to the offerings of your service or products. Some common industries include; healthcare, education and schools, sporting clubs, businesses and more.

It’s 2019, as marketers or businesses looking to stand out, we need to think of ways to communicate across various formats as well tailoring the creative to match. In order to grab your audience’s attention, you need to consider and identify the potential problems or challenges of your customer and clearly communicate your solution in a clear and creative manner.

Some of our top tips to consider if you’re interested in a fax marketing campaign:

  • Is your fax design friendly for black and white fax? A bad design can have a negative effect to your brand, keep it simple and effective!

  • Clear concise and relevant headings and body copy.

  • What solutions does your product/service provide?

  • Priority information and message to convey?

  • Does it have clear Call to Actions? Call Now, Complete Order Form, Order Online, Request Info Pack

  • How can you measure results to find return on investment?

  • It’s also important to note that if your business is sending marketing faxes, you need to ensure you are compliant relevant legislation in the country to which you are sending.

If you’re interested in boosting sales, reaching an extensive database and driving brand exposure for your brand get in contact us for a free consultation or visit www.writefax.com.au to get a quote!

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