Communicating with customers during times of crisis

As businesses prepare for a time of uncertainty, ongoing communication and consistent update in keeping your customers, stakeholders, management or employees informed is more critical than ever. 

SMS is a valuable communication tool that can be used to stay in touch with your audience during times of crisis to provide updates or notifications. It’s important to be transparent with your customers to ensure they are updated about things like expected changes to business operations, interruptions to service and more as this situation evolves in the coming days, weeks and months.

If you currently have a GoFax account with active send credits, you’ll be able to use the platform to send SMS from anywhere with an internet connection.

Please also note that all SMS replies are free, supported with either our free shared number or via a dedicated virtual mobile number.

Our handy resources for using SMS:

  How to send SMS online using GoFax

>    How to send SMS using your email

>    How to send SMS using mail merge

  Setting up your general SMS settings 

If you’d like any further advice, assistance, or guidance, our support team is happy to discuss the best communication strategy for your business and support you during these times, call 1300 928 827 or email 

As always, we’re glad you’re with us.

Team GoFax