The importance of building customer trust

There’s no doubt that customer reviews are vital to the success of any organisation, especially in an online world that shapes everything we do.

90% of customers say they read online reviews before they visit a business and 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation.

Great reviews all boil down to one thing, genuine care about your customer. Who better to sit down with in this episode of the GoFax Company Insider, than our Customer Service Manager, Rob.

Rob, tell me a little about your role at GoFax?

Well, my role is Customer Service Manager, which means it’s my job to ensure our service teams have the tools and resources they need to ensure our customers have peace of mind when using our services.

What are your top tips for a happy customer?

Firstly, listen. If there’s one thing that will reassure a concerned customer, it’s hearing them out. Ask questions where needed, ensure we’ve taken the information they provided correctly, but ultimately give them your full attention; knowing we’re genuinely interested in the issues they’re raising gives them best peace of mind.

Secondly, respond in a timely fashion. Even if a customer has a fantastic one-on-one experience with a support team member when raising the call, the peace of mind we helped give will be eroded if we don’t continue to assure the customer that we are looking into their concerns until the matter is resolved.

What makes GoFax different from its competition?

We’re local. In this current business environment of spreading workload internationally, our customers really appreciate that our business-hours support teams are here in country with them.

How important is long-term relationship with customers and how do you provide the ongoing support?

There’s a lot of talk about “building relationships” but the simpler truth is that both a service team and a customer will have a better experience when they get on well. With over 15 years in the space, solid bonds and trust between GoFax and our customers have been built over time.

Why is customer feedback so important to GoFax?

While we can do our best to review our service and identify areas of improvement, it’s the thousands of pairs of eyes that will spot things that we simply can’t. Also, as much as we know our own service, the customer best understands their own communications needs; bringing those needs to us could highlight a way that our system can serve our entire customer base in a way that it currently doesn’t.

How do you deal with negative feedback or response?

Again, listen and learn. Even if evaluation shows we did the best we could for a customer at the time, there are always aspects of our service, whether in terms of system performance or how we interact with and inform our customers, that we can improve on.

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