Enterprise cloud faxing solution: No need for costly fax servers, hardware or installations

Are you looking for a highly secure, government-accredited and cost-effective corporate fax solution? 

The GoFax enterprise platform can help your organisation save thousands and ensure that critical information gets to and from its destination securely and reliably.

  • No need for costly fax servers, hardware or installations 

  • Scalable for single and multi-site organisations sending high volume fax across departments

  • Government accredited (QITC) cloud faxing and SMS software 

  • Industry compliant with recommended security for healthcare, legal, financial and more 

  • ISDN Business Grade for high success rates and quality fax sending

  • Access using the online platform, existing email client, or integrate with existing software using the API.  

Common pain points for new enterprise customers that are coming to GoFax: 

GoFax Enterprise level features: 

Secure Administration Console: 

  • Automatic alerts 

  • Email alias, virtual host, SSL configuration 

  • Options for encryption, data sovereignty and SMTP connection 

 Multi-tiered access & permissions: With a multi-tiered security access structure, all levels from Executives to secretaries can be provided separate level access permissions. Purposefully built for large organisations with managed IT services.  

 White-Label Options: Completely re-brandable interfaces give your organisation the flexibility to make GoFax communications software your own. 

 Send/ receive direct from email: Send faxes using your organisations existing email client, easily setup unlimited sender and receivers.  

 Keep existing numbers: Transition existing fax numbers to GoFax. We’ll provide a temporary number so there’s no downtime to your fax line during this time.   


  •  Automated monthly reporting 

  • Automated Fail over and usage reporting

  • Individual or departmental reporting  

 Data Sovereignty: Ensure your critical data never leaves the country of origin. With all GoFax ® databases and infrastructure located within Australia, when using the Data Sovereignty option, your data will not leave the country or be subject to foreign laws –   Learn more

 Priority Support: Dedicated 24/7 support can be provided to your account to ensure issues can be handled around the clock.  

 API Integration: Fax API integration can allow organisations to integrate our GoFax technology into their existing software and applications—ensuring smooth transitions and streamlined communications. 

How to get started? 

    1. The GoFax team can setup a free consultation and demonstration, to identify and discuss your organisational needs and challenges. 

    2. A testing platform for your organisation will be implemented for you to access and trial the GoFax enterprise level solution. 

    3. Select from either pre-paid or post-paid Corporate level pricing options.

    4. Get setup within 48 hours. 

 Let GoFax help your organisation migrate to an enterprise level cloud faxing solution. Get started today!