What is a white-label cloud faxing solution?

A white-label product is a product that can be rebranded to make it look like your own. There are many advantages compared to developing your own new product from the ground up. GoFax provides a complete

 white-label cloud fax solution, allowing you to get a complete copy of the GoFax platform with unlimited accounts under your own brand and domain. Increase recurring revenue, customer life-time value, and differentiate your services with the complete turn-key online faxing solution.

GoFax White-Label Benefits:

Launch quickly: No need for product development, reinventing or designing the system and the technical development process. A premium solution at your fingertips.
Save money: Developing software is expensive. We can tell you first hand, continued development and innovation behind our cloud faxing platform didn’t come overnight. Access it right away without any development cost to you.
Custom branding: Customise the interface to match your brand with interchangeable logos, unique domain portals and more.
Focus on your core competency: Market our cloud faxing platform as one of your company’s products. Our expertise is building, optimising and expanding our cloud faxing platform. This let’s you focus on the things you excel at!
Determine your own revenue model: This means you decide pricing and packages you want to offer your clients.



Fax Market Insights:

There is tremendous opportunity within the cloud faxing market. An IDC whitepaper “Fax market Pulse: Trends, Growth and Opportunities” published in 2017 by Ron Glaz and Holly Muscolino revealed some highly interesting findings:

  • During the next two years, fax volumes will shift to fax cloud services.

  • Fax usage has grown by an average of 27% and is expected to grow by an average of 25% over the next two years.

  • 90% of fax users have already integrated or are evaluating integration of fax with other technologies or applications.

GoFax White-Label Features

  • nbn™ (national broadband network) compatible

  • Fax using any device, any time with an internet connection

  • Instantly send & receive faxes using email

  • Never miss a fax again – with never busy feature

  • Setup an entire organisation within a single account by activating their domain address for fax sending.

  • $$ Save money; no more paper, no more toner or line rental fees

  • API access (rebrand or integrate into existing software).

  • Port in existing fax numbers across 50 countries.

  • Secure options for encryption, and SMTP connection and more.

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Want to become a GoFax Reseller?

If you’re a reseller looking to add an additional revenue stream to your business, our white-label cloud faxing solution is a great opportunity. With rapid deployment options, you can start selling online fax within 24 hours.

The GoFax team are more than happy to work with you directly to better understand your business and discuss with you the best way to add a cloud faxing solution to your product offering.

Get in touch today and a GoFax Account Manager will be in contact!