Goodbye fax machines, hello fax technology.

E-faxing, Efaxing, electronic faxing, cloud faxing, digital fax, online faxing, the list goes on. These are the terms we use to define online faxing communications and technologies.

Many people wonder, why are we still faxing?

The stigma of fax lies in the physical fax machine, not the communications technology it uses behind the scenes.

The reason faxing is still a preferred form of messaging for sensitive data is that a direct connection is created between the two devices. It’s a secure, point-to-point connection and to intercept, someone would quite literally have to tap the phone line. Faxing is dependable, and far easier than working with incompatible technologies that don’t do what it’s supposed to do, securely sharing sensitive information.

Fax communications and technologies are evolving daily to become faster, more secure and adapt to the growing needs of organisations and its users. There is a stigma around faxing which we believe isn’t just. It’s important to understand that fax is the foundation of secure communications that will continue to evolve. It might not be called fax in 1, 2, 5, or 10 years but we will continue to use some form of evolved fax. The technology, process, education is deeply embedded across many organisations globally.

We are using these key learnings from fax technology, allowing us to transition existing users seamlessly to a more efficient, compatible and secure communications environment for everyday messaging communications. At GoFax we are truly excited to be able to define and shape the evolution of fax from the feedback from our customers and our own market research.

We need to be cautious when shifting to new digital technologies for communications. The breach report for the healthcare industry alone in Australia, with 44% of data breaches coming from cyber incidents (Healthcare IT News, February 8, 2019). With complex environments and architectures make it difficult for practioners to effectively monitor, contributing to cause incidents like these.

Faxing continues because it remains to be better, more convenient, secure, reliable, cheaper than the current alternatives for businesses, organisations and its people. We at GoFax are about providing the best possible online faxing services guaranteed. We are the premium provider for online faxing, focused very much on ensuring the successful delivery of secure fax communications for our users.

If you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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