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Secure Faxing

Lock down your online faxing data without it ever leaving the country.

Is data sovereignty important to you?

Data sovereignty itself is the concept that information which has been converted and stored in binary digital form is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located.


Company Insider

Goodbye fax machines, hello fax technology.

E-faxing, Efaxing, electronic faxing, cloud faxing, digital fax, online faxing, the list goes on. These are the terms we use to define online faxing communications and technologies.

Many people wonder, why are we still faxing?


Secure Faxing

Secure & compliant online faxing for your industry

GoFax is an online faxing solution equipped to help meet you security and compliance needs

How important is security and compliance for your organisations online faxing for documents being sent and received?


Fax Online

How can I ensure compliant fax marketing communications?

If you’re planning on broadcasting a fax marketing message, it’s essential to understand legislation for the country you are sending from. In this blog we will cover the steps for ensuring you are compliant


Fax Online

Why we’re still faxing in 2019

Why are we still faxing in 2019?

A short guide to understanding online fax.


Fax Online

What is a white-label cloud faxing solution?

A white-label product is a product that can be rebranded to make it look like your own. There are many advantages compared to developing your own new product from the ground up. GoFax provides a complete


Fax Online

How important is successful delivery of your message?

You’ve probably had this happen before. Someone’s about to send an important email to you with sensitive information attached. They’re on the phone, double checking your email address with you; they spell it out and you confirm it’s correct (at least you hope; did they say “d for dog” or “c for cog”?), then they hit the “Send” button.


Faxing Tips

Fax marketing to reach your target audience

Ever thought about using fax marketing to reach your target audience?

Believe it or not, fax marketing can greatly benefit the reach of your brand without the high costs. It’s an effective and direct way to promote and raise brand awareness for your product or service with your target audience.


Faxing Tips

Is your fax line prepared for the roll-out of the nbn™?

Do fax machines work on nbn™? Some things to consider if you want to keep your fax services running with the roll-out of the national broadband network (nbn™) across Australia.


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GoFax holiday hours & embargo period

As we prepare for the holiday season, we would like to thank you for your valued partnership throughout 2018 and wish you a successful, safe and rewarding New Year.

Throughout 2018, the GoLogic Group has continued to build system reliability, redundancy and enhance security, continuously striving to deliver peace of mind across our online faxing and SMS solutions.